The Philippines

The Philippines has a population of over 100 million people which is expected to be the tenth most populous country in the world by 2050.

We have been operating in the country since 2014, where we manufacture and market mostly complete feed, aquaculture products, as well as premixes and services. Our presence in the Philippines has been reinforced through the acquisition of a major player in animal nutrition in May 2016.

Our two production sites serve the regions of Cebu and Bulacan (near Manilla), which mainly produce feed for pork, poultry, aquaculture and pet food.

We operate our premix business in the Philippines under the Wisium brand.

Our key feed brands in the Philippines ar: Ultrapak, Primepak, Popular, Budgetpak the Savers Mix, Evialis, Ocialis, and Bernaqua.

Ultrapak is a premium brand consisting of top quality imported ingredients that guarantee better feed conversion for swine. It is made available through commercial trade networks in local agriculture stores.

PrimePak is a high performance brand comprising high quality ingredients in an excellent formulation that promotes optimum growth for pigs.

The Popular range has a wide variety of quality feed products for different species that have been developed over time with farmers and breeders to deliver optimal nutrition and performance.

Our key pet food brands in the Philippines are GanadorMinino Yum, Canil.

Canil is a complete and balanced nutritional solution, specially developed for adult dogs of all breeds and sizes. It’s formulation contains high quality ingredients which facilitate digestion by improving the utilization of nutrients.

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