Brazil is the 3rd largest producer of complete feed in the world and we have been established in the country since 1970. Currently we occupy leading positions on the livestock, aquaculture, pet food and horse feed markets, including renowned brands and specialized solutions for each segment.

We have a strong position in the Brazilian pet food market, the 2nd largest after the United States, with a broad range of products and services represented by the brands Equilibio, Naturalis, Max, Nero, Dogliciou and Catlicious, from standard to super premium solutions. In addition, we have world-class manufacturing and research facilities.

We are well-positioned in aquaculture, a rapidly growing market, offering solutions for different production systems and species including tilapia, native fishes and shrimp, making production in Brazilian a benchmark for other countries.

Beyond aquaculture, we offer technological solutions for the livestock and horse markets through the brands Presence, Socil, Total, Nutrizon, Royal Horse and Bernaqua.

In the services business platform, we have premix solutions, as well as additives and ingredients offered by the brands Wisium and Pancosma respectively.

All these platforms and solutions make us a leading player in the market and strengthen our footprint  to further develop Brazilian agribusiness.

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Our key feed brands in Brazil: Presence, Socil, Total, Nutrizon, Royal Horse, Bernaqua

Our key pet food brands in Brazil: Equilibio, Naturalis, Max, Nero, Doglicious, Catlicious

Our premix business brand: Wisium

Our feed additives brand: Pancosma.