Vision and missions

Innovative Solutions to Support Customer Growth & Optimize Value Creation

At ADM, we unlock the power of nature to provide access to nutrition worldwide. With industry-advancing innovations, a complete portfolio of ingredients and solutions to meet any taste, and a commitment to sustainability, we give customers an edge in solving the nutritional challenges of today and tomorrow. From the seed of the idea to the outcome of the solution, we enrich the quality of life the world over. Learn more about ADM on our corporate website at
Our Animal Nutrition business provides innovative and individualized solutions to support customer growth and optimize value creation and differentiation, while reinforcing food safety and animal health and wellness.

Our Goal: To Become a Top Tier Global Animal Nutrition

We are a global leader in animal nutrition, providing amino acids, additives, ingredients, tailor-made premix formulations and complete feed for the production animal, aquaculture and companion animal markets. With more than 110 production facilities around the world, and unmatched research and development capabilities, we offer a new way forward to meet the challenges of food, food safety, and the reasoned use of resources.

We have 3 main missions:

  • Offer solutions and services with high added value to major players in the animal nutrition industry
  • Guarantee food quality, safety and traceability
  • Combine innovation with the reasoned use of resources

Business Strategy

Our business strategy is global, innovative, and distinctive, with the aim of building a unique business within our industry that is consistent with sustainable growth.

Multi-trade: Our products and complementary services are structured around a global integrated solution or a package offer based on customer needs focusing on food, nutritional services and consultancy, alternatives to medicines, food safety and traceability, hygiene and diet.

Multi-species: Our extensive expertise in livestock production covering the world’s major species enables us to effectively respond to societal changes, including the rapid rise in aquaculture production and the boom in the pet food market. Our unrivalled capabilities allow us to meet the expectations of our local, national, and international market segments for broiler chickens and laying hens, ruminants, swine, tilapia, shrimp, horses, Nelore cattle, rabbits, and many more species.

Multi-zone: ADM’s presence in the main mature markets in North America and Europe, as well as in rapidly developing regions such as South America, Africa, and Asia enriches and strengthens our expertise and our ability to offer global solutions tailored to local needs.

Through our Animal Nutrition capabilities in several activities, our worldwide presence, and our team of over 140 species experts covering a range of animal species, we can provide individualized animal nutrition solutions for each customer and their target markets. Our approach drives innovation, value creation, and differentiation.