Nutrition expertise

We have more than 120 years of experience in the animal nutrition industry, in several key areas as the USA, Europe or Brazil. This long-lasting experience in various geographies gives us an edge in solving nutritional challenges of our customers the world over.

Our global network of experts understands local environments and farm management practices on the field to adapt our products, solutions and advice. Our experts know what the farm management challenges are and convey with the best practices to contribute to improve animal health and welfare, while optimizing growth and economic performances for breeders.

Our formulation and nutritionists have a deep knowledge in raw material and adapt diets to each country depending on availability, prices and objectives. We also know how to handle with food quality and safety issues, complying with the strictest regulations and above. Moreover, we ensure a precise traceability of our finished products and offer to our customers the relevant devices and accurate methodology (analysis laboratories, NIR…) to secure the entire food value chain.

” The deep knowledge of nutritional caracteristics of raw materials enable to adjust the formulations as close as possible to animal needs and reduce environmental impacts. “

Christophe Blondet, VP Product Development & Applications