Market knowledge

B2B & B2C Know-How

Thanks to more than 70 years of experience in the animal nutrition industry, we have acquired significant know-how to distribute and sell our products and solutions to our customers. Direct distribution or through retailers, we have a deep understanding of both B2B or B2C markets in our different geographies, adapting our marketing and distribution channels to each market thanks to strong local partnerships.

Food Trends & Human Nutrition Challenges

Animal nutrition is also closely linked to human nutrition, considering the final consumers’ evolving expectations. We aim to build stronger bridges between these two markets to better serve our customers, seize the new solutions and opportunities, and add value to every part of the global nutrition supply chain.

We carefully monitor food market trends to meet the overall expectations of the agri-food industry. In the animal nutrition sector, these trends deeply and positively impact our industry:  evolving consumer demand, food security, traceability and environmental challenges. We also thrive at designing new solutions to meet final consumer expectations for local and natural products (no artificial preservatives, organic, non-GMO), alongside added health benefits and aimed at reducing our environmental impacts. We conduct several projects with our key customers and partner with major agrifood players.

At ADM, we are committed to providing access to nutrition worldwide and devoted to delivering nutritional impact every single day.