Feeding Innovation, Creating Customer Value

As a key player in animal nutrition, we are constantly growing our range of solutions and innovating to improve outcomes and offer our customers an edge in solving global nutritional challenges of today and tomorrow.

Connecting Our Business & Innovation Teams

Our technical ingenuity enables us to innovate science-based nutrition solutions proactively or through co-creation with customers. Our nutritionists and scientific teams work in close cooperation with our business developers, marketers and species experts on a daily basis to create innovative solutions. They partner with our customers, recognized research institutes and universities and the most innovative companies & start-ups in an open-innovation perspective.

Key Investigation Fields

We constantly innovate to create new products and applications including optimized use of raw materials and/or new ingredients, additives or premixes. We also develop state-of-the-art solutions to improve animal health and welfare and meet nutritional animal requirements to improve product quality.  We investigate especially on the connections between human and animal nutrition.

Beyond nutrition, we also design and develop new digital services (decision marking tools, apps…) to provide improved and real-time services benefiting from the latest technologies.

Our research and expert teams set new ways to answer major market changes (new consumer expectations or evolving legislations) and environmental concerns. We are committed to generating a sustainable impact with commitments to global sustainability in order to create positive impact on the world and contribute to the greater good. For instance, we investigate the combination of innovation and optimized use of resources to find more sustainable solutions to animal nutrition.

Our Global R&D Network

To test and develop our innovative products & applications, ADM owns and operates a global network of R&D centers composed of 13 applied research facilities in each key operating country. Most of them are research farms to adapt and experiment our nutritional products closer to local breeding conditions and genetics. ADM also benefit from an enzymes laboratory and extrusion center in the USA, a feed additives research laboratory in Switzerland and a research center dedicated to probiotics in Spain. Finally, ADM operates two customer innovation hubs to connect our internal experts with customers: We’nov, our global innovation center in Vannes, France and the Animal Nutrition Innovation Center in Decatur, USA (see the box below).


Welcome to We’nov, our global innovation centre

Discover virtual tour of We’nov.

We’nov, our global innovation center brings together, on a single site, several functions which play a key role at each stage of development of an innovation project:

  • Market and strategy monitoring
  • Innovation, R&D, industrial/technology experts, Design Lab, Digital
  • Strategic marketing, Business development and sales teams

Our global innovation center operates on network logic and is intended to foster synergies between all of the innovation stakeholders in our global ecosystem. It is not only an innovative building but also the centerpiece of a global network that links all of our expertise: applied research centers (13 facilities), analysis laboratories (6 sites), industrial and academic partners.


Bolstering R&D capabilities​
Animal Nutrition Innovation Center

The Animal Nutrition Innovation Center house new capabilities supporting innovation:

  • Feed ingredient material handling and chemical evaluations​
  • Extrusion processing of ingredients and pet food and aqua food production​
  • Confidence building, hands-on training for pet food customers​
  • Aquaculture wet lab for ingredient evaluations and feeding trials

Ingredient and bioactive screenings through bench-scale bioassays.