Premix and services

Our premix & services activity involves manufacturing technical products and providing related high value-added consultancy services. In most areas, our premix & services offer is marketed under the Wisium brand.

We support and advise feed manufacturers, industrial or in farms. In order to supply premix and nutritional specialties tailored to our customer’s needs, we provide a strong expertise in formulation, nutritional advise, livestock health monitoring, decision making tools, design on specific food programs, operational marketing and sales support, analysis of raw materials or finished products, and monitoring and periodic review of quality control plans.

Premix covers the basic needs of animals in vitamins and dietary minerals. It may also contain amino acids and nutritional additives. Premix is incorporated in complete feeds, making up between 0.5% and 1% of the total.

About Wisium

Wisium is our international premix brand. It offers a strong and dedicated partnership with a unique focus on enhancing performances on quality, productivity and profitability to feed millers, integrators and home-mixers. Wisium experts deliver tailor-made solutions combining high-end products and add values services to all species.


Key figures:

  • 40 million tons of feed produced using Wisium technology each year
  • Over 1000 key industrial customers
  • A presence in 60 countries (including export)
  • 500 experts
  • 33 premix plants

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ADM Premix in the USA

In the USA, our Premix team provides custom blending services and a strong portfolio of specialty ingredients, giving livestock producers and feed and pet food manufacturers the flexibility and efficiencies needed to succeed.

To know more about our premix offer in the USA, visit our North America website.