Strong Cats and Dogs Food Consumer-Oriented Brands To Cover Major Market Trends

We have a broad portfolio of products, from standard to super-premium ranges, addressing a variety of nutritional needs. Our formulas contain flavors, colors and even advanced profiles to deliver enhanced performance and more fun for cats and dogs.


    • Excellence in Nutrition.

    Equilíbrio is a super premium pet food based on research and technology. We work to improve the pets’ quality of life using Science to produce the best pet food. Offering the latest and most sophisticated pet nutrition, Equilíbrio provides longevity, offering specific and therapeutic diets since the puppies first days, through to the adult stage with its challenges, and reaching the senior stage, ensuring a healthy ageing.

  • Ganador is a broad range of high quality products for different dog breeds and life stages that helps to bring dogs and owners closer through real moments of Unconditional Love.


  • Fulltrust, a high premium formula and applied Biotechnology in nutrition for proud pet parents. Every ingredient is carefully selected to maximize functional benefits for dogs.


  • Naturalis is our natural brand made of delicious ingredients with no food coloring and with no artificial preservatives.


  • Because Life makes more sense next to a pet every day, Max® is a complete Premium Special line of petfood for cats and dogs, so your best friend is always active and you can enjoy every moment with them.


  • Dog Licious & Cat Licious are our most complete line of snacks and treats, with a broad range of textures, flavors, either for pleasure, reward or with benefits such as tartar control for dogs or hairball control for cats.
  • Packed in easy-to-carry fresh packs to guarantee your four-legged companion will always love our snacks and treats in any occasion !


  • High-quality and true nourishment for active, joyful, healthy beautiful & smart cats, a well-designed line of products for all cats’ needs and preferences.


Today, cats and dogs are not simple pets – they are truly important family members in every household.

  • In the US, 95% of pet owners currently consider their pets to be part of the family.
  • Cat and dog owners think of themselves as « pet parents » rather than « pet owners ».
  • Emerging markets’ humanization of pet is already present whilst the part of pets eating pet food is still low.
  • The Humanization of Pet trend follows most of human food production, including healthy treats/food.

We are active on the fast-growing pet markets with a B2C offer, with leading positions on strategic markets like Brazil, Mexico, China and South East Asia.

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Key figures

350,000 tons produced in 2019
9 manufacturing sites
Dry, Wet & Treat technologies