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Pet Food B2B

The Partner of Choice for the Production of Cat and Dog Food

We are the partner of choice for the production of Cat and Dog food as we have the most comprehensive product & services range in the Industry: a wide range of ingredients, premix & ingredient blending production capabilities and an extruded-treat manufacturing knowledge. We continuously innovate and develop new products thanks to a state-of-the-art Pet Research Nutrition program.

We address three kinds of customers: branded Pet food companies promoting their brands, private labels who need to develop and produce their own labels and Pet food makers searching for additional production capabilities.



 A fully integrated partner
From ingredients to finished product development, we accompany our customers all the way to make their projects come to life. We benefit also from the ADM global origination, transportation, processing and distribution network to continuously increase capabilities. Additionally, we have an unrivaled expertise in manufacturing services that enables us to maximize our product knowledge and production efficiency to serve our customer.

Vast array of ingredients with higher quality standards

We have a broad offer ranging from raw materials and blends to targeted, tailor-made functional ingredients supported by science. We offer nearly 400 ingredients while guarantying no medications or ionophores in blending plant, extensive Quality Control Programs, regulatory experts, unmatched value & security.

Know-how & Expertise in Human Nutrition
Our experts and innovation capabilities combine to develop pioneering nutritional solutions for pets. We are a leading provider of premixes, pre-blends, which provides precision nutrition handling, especially with ingredients that have unique handling properties (eg: flavors, colors, digestive & oral health, brain & skin care, complex proteins).

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Key figures

400 ingredients
4 premix facilities
4 Pet treats plants
More than 40 Years of experience in specialized formulations for pets