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Delivering Science-Based Innovation Globally to Optimize Animal Performance and Minimize Environmental Impact

Under the Pancosma flagship brand, we develop innovative, sustainable and profitable feed additives to improve the zootechnical and economic performances of livestock farms and breed animals in a healthier way, while reducing our environmental impact.

Since Pancosma’s creation in 1947, we have been developing, manufacturing and distributing innovative feed additives worldwide. Our products and complementary services are essential to meet economic, environmental and legislative conditions. By developing a better understanding of animal physiology, we will successfully target key metabolic processes, improving ingredient and animal production on efficiency.

Pancosma Key figures:

  • 80 million tons of feed supplemented with our additives.
  • 10 product ranges to meet the diverse needs of customers.
  • World leader in flavors, sweet taste enhancers and natural concepts.
  • Present in more than 75 countries.
  • Strong worldwide scientific network, including leading universities and renowned academic and industrial scientists.
  • Certified ISO-9001, ISO-14001 & FAMIQS to meet rigorous quality control standards and ensure feed safety.

We manufacture Palatants Yeast, Acidifiers, Minerals, Bioactives and Functional Carriers derived from our leading global research network.

Additionally, we promote and market a wide range of innovative ingredients.

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